Medieval and
Renaissance BOWS

from "Madonna con Bambino",
Rossiglione school,
XIV century

from Luttrell Psalter,

from Caravaggio's,
XVI century
The ancient bows were very different to modern ones and also to the "screw bows" that,the Early Music musicians normally use to play every period of ancient music. The diffusion of the screw bows came much later,around the end of XVII century. So very different kinds of bows were used,also playing VIOLS, VIOLINS and CELLOS, for all baroque period. Made in heavy european woods,they were bigger than the normal snake and pernambuco wood bows,because of the wood's specific weight. So loking at the numerous iconography and using woods such as: cornel, ash, oak and not autochthonal species like acacia, I try to make bows(without any screws) that could be very similar to the originals, in comparison to the tecnical way of playing during the medieval and renaissance periods.

MEDIEVAL BOW listino prezzi

MEDIEVAL BOW listino prezzi

RENAISSANCE BOWS listino prezzi
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